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          飘雪 高清 下载地址,飘雪在线高清观看瓜子,飘雪 高清 下载 观看全集 大全最新,飘雪高清电影 影视下载 在线观看
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          CR-39 Progressive Lens Long Corridor
          Detailed introduction
          CR-39 Progressive Lens Long Corridor

          Why Progressive Lenses?

          Mature of bifocal and trifocal, called no-lin-bifocal, eliminate the visible lines of traditional bifocals and trifocals and hide the fact tha you need reading glasses.

          Useage: If you are in 40s (or olde) and are having troubl reading fine print with your glasses, progressive lenses offer a younger-looking apprearance and other advantages over the line bifocal lenses your parents wore.

          Fashion: With Progressive lenses, no one has to know whether you are wearing glasses just for fashion- or because your arms have grown too short for your to see up close.

          Advantage Of Progressive Lenses Over Bifocal And Trifocals

          1. corridor of optimum lens power runs vertically down each progressive lens, You eye care practitioner will take careful measurements of your eyes and eyeglass frame in order to place the corridor in just the rigt location so yours eyes can naturally access the various powers within the lens for comfortable viewing at all distances.

          2.Instead of bifocal an trifocal, The transition between lens powers within the lens is smooth and seamless. letting your change focus from distance to near and back again more comfortably, with no image jump

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          飘雪 高清 下载地址,飘雪在线高清观看瓜子,飘雪 高清 下载 观看全集 大全最新,飘雪高清电影 影视下载 在线观看 百度 360 搜狗


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