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          飘雪 高清 下载地址,飘雪在线高清观看瓜子,飘雪 高清 下载 观看全集 大全最新,飘雪高清电影 影视下载 在线观看
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          CR-39 Sunglass lenses Gradient Color
          Detailed introduction
          CR-39 Sunglass lenses Gradient Color

          Why You Need Tinted Sunglass Lenses?
          Have you ever seen so many of them around? Models wear them on the runway. Athlets wear them during interviews. Actors wear them on film, and Joe Camel, wears them show his best for us. I can make someone more and more confidence. Why you not choose

          Tinted Sunglass Lenses Advantage:
          1.Tinted sunglass lenses be used to reduce the glare of light.
          2.Tinted sunglass lenses simply as an aesthetically appealing way of decorating one s lenses.
          3.Tinted sunglass lenses reduce the amout of UV radiation.
          4.Tinted sunglass lenses while stopping only the damaging bands of light.
          5.Tinted sunglass lenses is very fashionable when it matched with your elegant dress.

           So choose them now!



          CR-39-UV-400 tinted sunglass lenses.
          Diameter: 71mm, 73mm, 75mm, 80mm
          Thickness: 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm, =<3.0mm
          Decenter Distance: 1.7mm~2.2mm
          Base Curve: 400C, 450C, 500C, 600C, 800C
          Color Choice: Single color, Gradient color, Double color, Customerized color will be acceptable.
          Customer side: Your desired color, specification and ideas will be workable here.

          Standard Size:
          1. 71*1.8/2.0*6C

          2. 73*1.8/2.0*6C

          3. 75*1.8/2.0*6C

          4. 80*1.8/2.0*6C

          5. 75*2.2*8C Dec

          6. 80*2.2*8C Dec

          Contact:Helen Yin(Export Department)

          Tel: 0086-511-86986737

          Mobile: 0086-13852934595


          On line:hongrunoptical@hotmail.com

          Contact Person:Miss Shi




          Copyright(C) Danyang Hongrun Optical Co.,ltd
          飘雪 高清 下载地址,飘雪在线高清观看瓜子,飘雪 高清 下载 观看全集 大全最新,飘雪高清电影 影视下载 在线观看 百度 360 搜狗


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